Close-up photo of a red button on a calculator that reads, "TAX."Sales and Use, Telecom and Utility Industry Tax Calculation Engine
Subscription-based Automated Tax Calculation Engine

Using data provided by CCH, TaxGEN is a tax calculation engine that performs the complex task of calculating taxes and surcharges, and applying exemptions/exceptions as well as customer overrides.  TaxGEN interfaces with your existing billing application to return the proper taxation for invoicing.  The results are written to a detailed Transaction Log Table for reporting and compliance purposes.  Tax rate and rules updates are provided by CCH for their ZIPsales™, ZIPcomm™, and ZIPutil™ subscriptions and are fed directly into TaxGEN on a monthly basis.


  • C/C++ language-based tax engine
  • Runs on Windows®, UNIX®, and Linux®-based systems
  • Supported RDBMS: Oracle® and MS SQL Server®

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