Image of four hands holding puzzle pieces that can fit together. This image is used as an example of the TaxWizard program.GET BETTER CONTROL OF YOUR TAX DATA

Tax engines are powerful software programs that enable you to calculate all of the taxes for your customers with minimal administration.  They contain a lot of information that would be useful to have on hand for analysis or to share with other departments.  It would be ideal to run complex tax scenarios to see exactly how overrides affect your customers.

TaxWizard™ enables you to get the information to the people who need it without burdening the tax department.  Through the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), you can implement multiple systems quickly and easily to reduce your total development time.


TaxWizard™ has web interfaces that give other departments the tax information right away.  Users do not need to know the details of the tax rules.  Once a user selects a location, chooses one of the products, and enters the cost, they have the tax information at their fingertips with easy-to-understand descriptions.

CUSTOMER CARE – Answer your customer’s questions quickly and easily with virtually no training.

SALES  Answer RFPs with accurate tax information and generate a PDF that can be attached to a proposal.

MOBILE USERS  Give your teams the tax data they need wherever they are located.  Sales can answer customer questions immediately.  Tax teams have the data without requiring access to custom software or databases.


TaxWizard™ provides you with the ability to analyze your tax configuration.  It enables you to compare and analyze your data before it goes into production.  This means fewer adjustments and greater customer satisfaction.


The BillRunner™ and the Real-Time Engine modules give you the ability to perform batch or real-time tax calculations using an SOA.  The modules provide a powerful programming interface (API) that incorporates tax exemptions, product catalogs, and invoice tax descriptions.  Both modules can be installed in your environment or purchased as a SaaS.


  • Perform rating and self-assessment
  • Provide tax processing to other systems through web service
  • Create new projects for POC with minimal setup and configuration
  • Create automated testing platforms for your tax processes
  • Drastically reduce costs and time to market due to standards-based solution


TaxWizard™ is designed to be flexible and fit into many different environments.  It is a Windows®-based application server that can utilize a number of databases and vendor tax engines.


  • Microsoft SQLServer®
  • Oracle


  • Vertex Indirect Tax Solutions™
  • CCH ZipComm™